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  1. Which day is celebrated on 23rd September?
    Ans. International Day of Sign Languages ​​- The United Nations General Assembly celebrates 23 September every year as International Sign Language Day to raise awareness about the importance of sign language in the full realization of the human rights of deaf persons.
  2. In ODI women’s cricket, India won the ODI series over which country after winning the ODI series years later?
    Ans. England – The Indian women’s team won an ODI series in England for the first time since 1999, having defeated England 2-1 23 years earlier.
  3. Which astronaut who passed away recently at the age of 80 is the longest single person in space?
    Ans. Valery Polyakov – Valery Polyakov, who holds the record for the longest single life in space, has recently died at the age of 80. Valery Polyakov’s record of 437 days in space began on 8 January 1994.
  4. Which state’s men’s table tennis won the gold medal in the final match of the 36th National Games?
    Ans. Gujarat – Men’s table tennis team of Gujarat won the gold medal against Delhi in the final match of the 36th National Games recently.
  5. Who recently launched the project ‘Saras’ to increase awareness about women empowerment, menstrual health and hygiene?
    Ans. The Israeli Embassy in Ghaziabad – Project “Saras”, an initiative of the Israeli Embassy in India, aims to raise awareness about menstrual health and hygiene.
  6. With which award India was awarded for the hypertension control initiative?
    Ans. United Nations Awards – ‘WHO Special Program on Primary Health Care Award’ and ‘2022 UN Interagency Task Force’ were presented to India for the India Hypertension Control Initiative (IHCI).
  7. What material has been discovered by NASA’s Perseverance rover from the surface of Mars?
    Ans. Organic Materials – NASA’s Perseverance rover has recently collected several organic rock samples from an ancient river delta on Mars.
  8. With which Nepalese company has Ward Wizard Innovations and Mobility Limited recently signed an agreement?
    Ans. Automobile Distributor, The Mahabir Automobiles – Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Limited, the manufacturer of the electric two-wheeler brand ‘Joy E-Bike’ has recently signed an agreement with The Mahabir Automobiles, an automobile distributor from Nepal.

International Day of Peace

is celebrated every year on 21
September. The theme of the World
Peace Day 2022 is End racism, Build
 The main purpose of celebrating
this day is to make efforts to
maintain peace and order among
all countries and citizens at the
international level and to put an
end to international conflicts and
 According to the United Nations,
world peace does not only mean no
violence, but the creation of
societies where everyone feels that
they can move forward. In the year
1981, the United Nations declared
the celebration of International
Day of Peace. After this,
International Day of Peace was
celebrated for the first time in the
year 1982. From the year 1982 to
the year 2001, the third Tuesday of
September was celebrated as
International Day of Peace, but
from the year 2002, the date of 21
September was fixed for it.
 On September 20, 2022, Madhya
Pradesh’s Para Swimmer Satendra

  1. International Day of Peace
    observed on 21st September
  2. Satendra Singh Lohia of Madhya
    Pradesh becomes the first para swimmer
    in Asia to cross the North Channel
    23 Sep
    Singh Lohia has become the first
    Para Swimmer from Asia to cross
    the North Channel in Ireland.
    Satendra Singh covered 36 km and
    set a world record by crossing the
    North Channel in 14 hours 39
     International Para Swimmer
    Satendra Singh Lohia had
    previously set a world record by
    crossing the English and Catalina
    Channels and became the first
    International Para Swimmer from
    Asia to do so. Now he has also
    become the first Asian Para
    swimmer to cross the North
     It is a 36 km swimming between
    North Channel Donagadi in the
    Northland and Port Patriot,
    Scotland. The specialty of this
    channel is that it is the coldest
    channel among all the channels in
    the world. Its temperature is 12
    degree Celsius approx.
     It is noteworthy that International
    Para Swimmer Satendra Singh
    Lohia crossed 49 km Long English
    Channel in 12 hours 24 minutes on
    June 24, 2018. For this his name is
    recorded in the Asian Limca Book
    of Records. In America on August
    18, 2019, he crossed 42 km long
    Catalina Channel in 11 hours 34
     Satendra Singh has won 24 medals
    for the country by participating in 7
    National Para Swimming
    Championships. In 2014, the
    Madhya Pradesh government
    honored him with the Vikram
    Award, highest sports honor. After
    this, on December 3, 2019, the
    National Award for Best Disabled
    Player was also received from the
    Vice President. Prime Minister
    Narendra Modi has also honored
    Satendra Singh Lohia.
     On September 21, 2022, Jayant
    Barua, President of Assamese
    media group Sadin Pratidin,
    presented a copy of the Braille
    version of the Assamese dictionary
    ‘Hemkosh’ to Prime Minister
    Narendra Modi in New Delhi.
    Recently, the Braille version of
  3. Braille version of Assamese
    dictionary ‘Hemkosh’
    presented to PM
    23 Sep

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Hemkosh was released by the
Governor of Assam, Jagdish Mukhi.
 Hemkosh
 Hemkosh is one of the earliest
Assamese dictionaries of the 19th
century. The dictionary has been
published by the ‘Sadin-Pratidin’
group. It is noteworthy that
Hemkosh was first published in the
year 1919 by Hemchandra Barua.
 After that the next generations of
Barua’s family have issued new
editions of the dictionary from time
to time. Braille is a type of script
that is used around the world for
the visually impaired to read and
write by touch. This method was
invented in the year 1821 by a blind
French writer Louis Braille.
 On September 22, 2022, Navy Chief
Admiral R. Harikumar has launched
two of the country’s state-of-theart and sophisticated indigenous
Diving Support Vessels INS Nistar
and INS Nipun at Visakhapatnam.
These vessels are built by
Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL)
Visakhapatnam for the Indian
Navy. These ships will be deployed
for deep sea diving operations.
 Diving Support Vessels (DSVs)
 These DSVs are the first ships to be
indigenously designed and built at
HSL for the Indian Navy. The Diving

  1. Navy Chief R. Harikumar launches
    indigenous Diving Support Vessels
    INS Nistar and INS Nipun
    23 Sep
    Support Vessel is the first of its
    kind indigenously designed and
    built ship at HSL for the Indian
    Navy. These are made with around
    80% indigenous components. The
    ships are 118.4 meters long and 22.8
    meters wide (at the widest point).
     Their displacement capacity will be
    9,350 tons. These ships will also be
    capable of helicopter operations in
    the high seas including continuous
    patrol, search and rescue
    operations. They are also designed
    to carry out submarine rescue
    operations, along with the Deep
    Submergence Rescue Vehicle
     Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL)
     It was established in the year 1941.
    It is located in Visakhapatnam,
    Andhra Pradesh on the eastern
    coast of the Indian peninsula. It is a
    leading shipbuilding organization
    in the country.
     It covers shipbuilding, submarine
    construction and repair work as
    well as the design and construction
    requirements of state-of-the-art
    offshore and onshore structures. In
    February 2010 the yard was
    brought under the administrative
    control of the Ministry of Defense.
    Its regional office is in New Delhi.
     Union Tourism and Culture
    Minister G Kishan Reddy has
    announced a special tourist train to
    cover the “Ambedkar Circuit” at
    the three-day conference of State
    Tourism Ministers in Dharamsala
    on September 18, 2022. Apart from
    this, the National Tourism Policy
    will be implemented across the
    country before the budget session.
    Under this policy, tourism sector
    will be developed in the country on
    the lines of ‘Vikas Bhi and Virasat
     Ambedkar Circuit or Panchtirtha
  2. Special tourist train will run
    on Ambedkar circuit
    23 Sep

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 The central government had first
proposed the Ambedkar Circuit or
Panchteerth in the year 2016. This
Panchtirtha includes the place of
Janmabhoomi (Mhow), Shiksha
Bhoomi (London), Chaitya Bhoomi
(Mumbai), Dikshabhoomi (Nagpur),
Mahaparinirvana Bhoomi (Delhi).
 Significantly, in addition to the
announcement of the Ambedkar
Circuit, the Government of India
has also unveiled a portrait of
Ambedkar in the Central Hall of
Parliament, as well as developed
Diksha Bhoomi as an international
tourism centre.
 Let us tell you that in the month of
June 2022, a special train was run
on the Ramayana circuit, which
covers important places related to
the life of Lord Rama including
Ayodhya and Janakpur in Nepal.
 On September 21, 2022, ecommerce company Amazon has
announced to set up its first solar
power plant at Rajasthan in India.
Amazon will set up three solar
farms in Rajasthan with a
combined capacity of 420 MW. The
power plant will be developed by
three companies.
 Renew Power will develop the 210
MW plant, AMP Energy India will
install 100 MW and Brookfield
Renewable Partners will develop
the 110 MW power plant. Amazon
will also set up 23 new solar rooftop
projects in 14 cities in India with
the potential to generate an
additional 4.09 MW of electricity.
 Solar Power in India
 The National Institute of Solar
Energy has estimated the country’s

  1. Amazon to set up its first solar
    power plant in India in Rajasthan
    23 Sep
    solar potential to be around 748
    GW. The Government of India has
    set a target to have 300 GW of
    installed solar power capacity by
     According to the Government of
    India, the total installed solar
    capacity in the country at the end
    of November 2021 was 48.55 GW.
    India has the 5th largest installed
    power capacity in the world after
    China, USA, Japan and Germany.
     On September 21, 2022, Public
    Sector Company REC Ltd. has been
    accorded the status of ‘Maharatna’
    Central Public Sector Enterprise.
    With this status, the company will
    get more operational and financial
    autonomy. REC is the 12th company
    to get the title of Maharatna.
    Established in the year 1969, REC is
    a Non-Banking Financial Company
    (NBFC), focusing on financing and
    development of the power sector
    across the country.
     Number of Maharatna PSUs in
     Earlier there were a total of 11
    Maharatna companies in India,
    after adding REC in this list, their
    number has increased to 12.
  2. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  3. Bharat Petroleum Corporation
  4. Coal India Limited
  5. GAIL India Limited
  6. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
  7. Indian Oil Corporation of India
  8. National Thermal Power
    Corporation Limited
  9. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  10. Steel Authority of India Limited
  11. Power Grid Corporation of India
  12. Power Finance Corporation
  13. REC Ltd.
     ‘Maharatna’ Status
     The ‘Maharatna’ system was
    introduced in the year 2010 with an
    aim to make large public sector
    enterprises global giants. ‘Central
    Public Sector Enterprises’ (CPSEs)
    means those companies in which
    the direct stake of the Central
    Government or other CPSEs is 51%
    or more.
  14. REC got the status of
    ‘Maharatna’ company
    23 Sep

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 The status of ‘Maharatna’ is given
to a company which has earned a
net profit of more than Rs.5,000
Crore for the last three consecutive
years or its average annual
turnover for the last three years
was Rs.25,000 Crore or for the last
three years the average annual net
worth is Rs 15,000 Crore.
 It is mandatory for ‘Central Public
Sector Enterprises’ to get
‘Navratna’ status to get listed on
the Stock Exchange of India. The
government has set criteria for
conferring Maharatna, Navratna
and Miniratna status to CPSEs.
 The Supreme Court has appointed
former Supreme Court judge
Justice L Nageswanara Rao to
amend the Constitution of the
Indian Olympic Association and
create an electoral college. A bench
headed by Justice DY Chandrachud
said the former judge would ensure
a fair and development-oriented
approach to the future of Olympics
in the country.
 The top court has asked Justice Rao
to prepare a roadmap to amend the
constitution of the Olympic
Association and hold elections to
the organization by December 15,
 On September 19, 2022, the Coast
Guards of India and the US
conducted a joint exercise ‘Abhyas’
off the coast of Chennai. The effort
aims to familiarize Coast Guards
with each other’s capabilities and
enhance interoperability in the

  1. Former judge L. Nageswara
    Rao was appointed for
    constitutional amendment of
    Indian Olympic Association
  2. Indian and US Coast Guard conduct
    joint exercise ‘Abhyas’ in Chennai
    23 Sep
    areas of maritime search and
    rescue, boarding operations and
    other maritime law enforcement
     The exercise saw various fleet
    maneuvers, simulated scenarios of
    a hijacking of a ship, and the
    subsequent rescue of its crew in a
    coordinated anti-piracy joint
    operation. The interception of
    pirate ships, coordinated joint
    boarding operations, SAR
    demonstrations, and outdoor fire
    fighting to rescue burning ships
    were other highlights of the
     The joint exercise ‘Abhyas -01/22′
    marked the culmination of a fourday goodwill visit of US Coast
    Guard Ship Midget to Chennai.
    During the visit, the ship’s crew
    had professional exchanges with
    their counterparts in the Indian
    Coast Guard.
     India has been awarded the United
    Nations Prize for Hypertension
    Control and Prevention in the
    country. India has won this award
    for its initiatives to control and
    prevent hypertension under the
    National Health Mission. India’s
    Hypertension Control Initiative
    (IHCI) is now getting appreciation
     IHCI wins UN Award
     Under the National Health Mission,
    special programs are run for the
    control and prevention of
    hypertension. It is administered
    through the India Hypertension
    Control Initiative (IHCI). The
    initiative has been awarded the
    ‘2022 UN Interagency Task Force,
    and WHO Special Program on
    Primary Health Care Award’ at an
    event organized by the United
    Nations General Assembly in New
    York on September 21, 2022.
  3. India wins United Nations Award
    for National Health Mission
    23 Sep

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 What is IHCI Initiative?
 The India Hypertension Control and
Management Initiative was
launched in the year 2017. It is a
joint initiative of World Health
Organization (WHO), Indian Council
of Medical Research (ICMR) and
Ministry of Health and Family
 In the first year IHCI was launched
in five states of Kerala, Madhya
Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra
and Andhra Pradesh. Along with
this, in the coming years, it was
expanded to other states of the
country as well. Now it has
increased to more than 130
districts in 23 states.
23 Sep
[1] When International Day of Peace is
celebrated every year?
(a) 20 September
(b) 21 September
(c) 22 September
(d) 23 September
[2] Recently who has become the first
Para Swimmer in Asia to cross the
North Channel?
(a) Bhula Choudhary
(b) Jiya Roy
(c) Ramesh Singh
(d) Satendra Singh Lohia
[3] The ‘Hemkosh’ dictionary, which is
in news recently, belongs to which
(a) Assamese
(b) Konkani
(c) Odia
(d) Maithili
[4] On September 22, 2022, where has
Navy Chief Admiral R. Harikumar
launched indigenous Diving
Support Vessels INS Nistar and INS
(a) Kochi (b) Mumbai
(c) Kolkata (d) Visakhapatnam
[5] Which place is not included in the
Ambedkar circuit in news?
(a) Mhow (b) Mumbai
(c) Nagpur (d) Bhopal
[6] E-commerce company Amazon has
announced to set up its first solar
power plant in India in which
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Gujarat
(d) Haryana
[7] On September 21, 2022, REC has
been given the status of a
‘Maharatna’ company. How many
Maharatna companies are there in
India now?
(a) 10 (b) 11
(c) 12 (d) 13
[8] Who has been appointed by the
Supreme Court to amend the
Constitution of the Indian Olympic
Association and create an
electoral college?
(a) Justice L. Nageswara Rao
(b) Justice R.C. Chavan
(c) Justice Arun Kumar
(d) Justice Arup Kumar
[9] Where has the Coast Guard of
India and America recently
organized a joint exercise
(a) Kolkata
(b) Puducherry
(c) Chennai
(d) Mumbai
[10]Which country has won the ‘2022
UN Interagency Task Force, and
WHO Special Program on Primary
Health Care Award’?
(a) Nepal
(b) India
(c) Canada
(d) Bangladesh

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